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Echocardiographic reference ranges for sedated healthy peccaries ( Tayassu tajacu, Linnaeus , 1758 )

Valores de referência para catetos saudáveis sedados


Peccaries are wild mammals belonging to the Tayassu genus that are found almost everywhere in the Americas and have demonstrated great potential as an experimental model for scientific investigations. Twelve healthy adult animals were sedated to perform echocardiographic examinations in B, M and Doppler mode. The variables that exhibited statistically significant correlation coefficients with weight were LVFWd, LVIDd, LVIDs, E wave, A’RV, MAM, and TAPSE. The HR exhibited a negative relationship with the IVRT. The LA variable showed a positive correlation with the AO. The MAM exhibited correlations with the LVIDd and LVIDs. The TAPSE showed positive correlations with the E’RV and A’RV. The present study provides the first reference values for echocardiographic measurements in B, M and Doppler modes from peccaries anesthetized with ketamine and midazolam. Echocardiography was easy to perform in collared peccaries, and the collected data revealed values that can aid in their clinical management and conservation.

cardiology; wild animals; diagnostic imaging; heart; hemodynamics

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