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Evaluation of different detoxification procedures on nutritional and energy value of castor bean cake for pigs


The aim of this study was to evaluate the nutritional and energy value of castor bean cake detoxified by different methods for growing pigs. A total of 24 barrows was distributed in six treatments, being in a reference diet and 5 test diets (75% of the reference diet and 25% of castor beam cake) containing castor bean cake detoxified by the method of calcium hydroxide, autoclaving, calcium hydroxide + silage, autoclaving + silage and extrusion. Castor bean cake subjected to detoxification processes with calcium hydroxide and autoclaving resulted in higher content of digestible protein. For the metabolizable energy value, the process of detoxification with calcium hydroxide, autoclaving, calcium hydroxide+silage, and extrusion did not differ. Considering the nutritional and energy valuation of castor bean cake detoxified by different procedures, the methods using calcium hydroxide and autoclaving were the most efficient.

alternative feedstuff; antinutritional factor; digestibility; ricin

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