Histomorphometric analysis of the uterus in dogs from birth to six months of age

J.L.G. Ramos C.L.F.G. Ramos I.C.N. Cunha E.C.Q. Carvalho E. Shimoda M.R. Luz About the authors

This study aimed to characterize canine species' uterine histological development from birth to six months of age. Uteri (n = 32) of animals aged between one and 180 days postnatal (PND), distributed into eight groups were analyzed: G1-1 PND (1 Yorkshire Terrier, Poodle 1, 2 Mixed Breed (MB)/Medium weight (Mw) = 190g), G2-15 PND (2 Yorkshire Terrier and 2 MB/Mw = 354g), G3-30 PND (1 Rottweiler, 1 Poodle, 2 MB/Mw = 985g), G4-45 PND (1 Poodle, 3 MB/Mw = 1.1kg), G5-60 PND (1 Yorkshire Terrier, Poodle 1 and 2 MB/Mw = 1.4kg), G6-90 PND (4 MB/Mw = 2.8kg), G7-120 PND (1 Poodle and 3 MB/Mw = 6.6kg) and G8-180 PND (1 Rottweiler, Poodle 1 and 2 MB/Mw = 11kg). Histological examination consisted of thickness measurement (µm) of the uterine wall, myometrium, endometrium, as well as diameter (µm) and number of endometrial glands. Statistical analysis showed stability and uniformity in the evaluated structures with low coefficients of variation (<10%). We observed: uterus with one PND: simple cubic epithelium cells, rudimentary myometrium, perimetrium presence and absence of endometrial glands; at 15 PND: development of primordial structure formation of endometrial glands; from 30 to 45 PND: simple endometrium and endometrial glands; PND 60: endometrial glands in the lamina propria with branches and discreet endometrial pleating; 90-180 PND: uterine all structures presented histoarchitecture of a mature animal. All variables were positively correlated with postnatal age (R2 ≥ 72.2%). It is concluded that the uterus of the bitch continuously evolves from birth to 180 days old and is presented devoid of endometrial glands at birth. The first endometrial glands are observed at 15 days of life and present histological conformation to an adult 60 days after birth.

canine; uterine development; endometrial glands; histology

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