Natural latex rubber from Hevea brasiliensis aids tissue repair of bovine

M. Zimmermann F.F. Mendes D.F. Rodrigues M.R. Faleiro G.S. Campos E.G. Araújo About the authors


Cattle wounds are a constant surgical and clinical challenge, leading to important economical losses. The latex from the sap of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) has therapeutic potential to enhance tissue repair process. Therefore, we evaluated the type of tissue reaction and possible mechanisms of angiogenesis triggered by implanting natural latex rubber in bovine species. Six Nelore bovines were subjected to subcutaneous experimental implant of three fragments of natural rubber latex membranes. Tissue and rubber membrane samples were harvested at 15, 30 and 45 days implantation for histology, scanning electron microscopy and immunohistochemical evaluation with anti macrophage marker (MAC), anti CYR 61, anti VEGF antibodies. The latex membrane estimulates tissue reaction and repair and significant angiogenesis stimuli without activating CYR 61 and VEGF pathways.

angiogenesis; bioactivity; natural rubber; wound repair

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