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Association between blood group markers and first lactation milk yield in Gir cattle

R.O. Conceição D.A.A. Oliveira I.B.M. Sampaio M.Y. Kuabara C.R. Quirino About the authors

Blood typing results from 138 cows of a Gir herd, selected for milk production and submitted to preferential matings by approximately 30 years, were studied to verify association among the B, F, J, L and Z blood factors or phenogroups and the first lactation milk yield. Significant differences were found between the animals with the Z blood factor, 3634.43kg (P<0.001), and the ones without Z, 3074.62kg (P<0.05). For the B blood group system, by mean contrasts, significant differences were observed between the homozygous animals for the phenogroup I1O1Y2A’B’E’3(J’K’)P’Q’, 4202.86kg (P<0.05) and the heterozygous animals for the phenogroups B(P)QTE’3G’P’/ I1O1Y2A’B’E’3(J’K’)P’Q’, 3493.33kg (P<0.05,) and BQTA’B’I’(P’)/ I1O1Y2A’B’E’3(J’K’)P’Q’, 3630.36kg (P<0.05).

Bovine; Gyr; phenogroup; milk yield

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