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Development of mice embryos after maintenance in different manipulation solutions

The effect of embryo manipulation solution followed by in vitro culture in mice embryos was studied. The embryos at early blastocyst (Bin), and compact morula grades I (McI) and II (McII) were randomly assigned into three treatments. T1 used modified PBS (control), T2 used EMS, and T3 used EMS supplemented. In each treatment, the embryos were kept in manipulation solution for four hours. Finishing the manipulation period, the embryos were classified according the development stage and quality. Following, the embryos were cultured in TCM 199. After the culture period, the embryos were evaluated according to quality and development stage. The development rate for Bin, McI, and McII after maintenance for four hours in manipulation solution was lower for control embryo (P>0.05) as compared to EMS and EMS supplemented embryos. After in vitro culture, no differences (P>0.05) on embryo development rate among control, EMS, and EMS supplemented were observed. Moreover, McII from EMS supplemented had a higher development (P<0.05) (93%) as compared to control (82.5%) and EMS (83.9%), suggesting a beneficial effect of EMS supplemented. EMS and EMS supplemented embryos had a positive effect on embryo development, showing higher embryo development than those in PBS solution

mouse; embryo; reproduction

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