Digestibility and microbial efficiency in steers fed diets based on corn silage hybrids and concentrate levels

Digestibilidade e eficiência microbiana em novilhos alimentados com dietas à base de silagem de híbridos de milho e níveis de concentrado

F.H.M Chizzotti O.G. Pereira S.C. Valadares Filho M.I Leão K.G Ribeiro About the authors

A trial involving a 2x2 factorial design was conducted to evaluate the effect of corn silage hybrids and concentrate levels (25 and 50%) on intake and digestibility of nutrients, ruminal characteristics and microbial efficiency in steers. Four ruminal and abomasal cannulated steers (512±25kg of birth weight), were used in a 4×4 Latin square design. Treatments consisted of 75% silage A + 25% concentrate; 50% silage A + 50% concentrate; 75% silage B + 25% concentrate; and 50% silage B + 50% concentrate on dry matter (DM) basis. There were no differences in the intakes of DM, organic matter (OM), crude protein, and ether extract. The intake of non fiber carbohydrates and total digestible nutrients were positively affected by concentrate levels. The digestibility of DM and OM were also positively affected by concentrate levels. There were no effects of treatments on ruminal pH values, ruminal ammonia-N, and microbial efficiency.

microbial protein synthesis; roughage; total digestible nutrient

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