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Evaluation the human anti-rabies treatment associated with accidents with dogs

K.C. Cabral M.A. Oliveira S.A. Diniz J.P.A. Haddad J.C.C. Matos T.M. Oliveira G.C. Bicalho M.X. Silva About the authors


The study of prophylaxis of human rabies contributes to guidance on the use of vaccines and anti-rabies serums, providing the basis for the definition of strategies for prevention, control and evaluation of the disease. This study aimed to evaluate the service to early post-exposure human anti-rabies and possible incompatibilities with the Ministry of Health protocol attacks by dogs in the city of Belo Horizonte. The anti-rabies care records of SINAN were analyzed for comparison of treatments prescribed in the Prophylaxis of Rabies Standards of the Ministry of Health. The characteristics of the calls were about the exposure, 93.0% resulting from biting; the location of the assault, 35.5% occurred in the lower limbs; the injury, only 62.0% were injuries; the type of injury, 65.8% were superficial; the condition of the animal, 85.0% occurred in healthy animals; 83.4% of the cases the animals were observed; as treatment, observation and vaccine (57.3%). The treatment was inadequate in 32.7%. The number of established treatments was very high, 75.7% of cases. In all 21.2% of indications consultations were considered excessive and 11.5% insufficient. The surveillance system is faulty and there is a need to correct them so that the information regarding the completion of cases are conclusive.

rabies; epidemiological surveillance; post-exposure prophylaxis

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