Standardization of automated plasmapheresis in horses

P.B. Escodro J.O. Bernardo E.G. Roveri L.O. Escodro C.F. Oliveira L.S. Fonseca C.R.A. Lopes J. Tonholo T. Gomes do Nascimento About the authors

This paper aimed to study feasibility and standardize the automated plasmapheresis in five healthy horses, showing the complications during the procedure, adjustments in relation to the procedures in humans and assessing the recovery of globular volume and plasma total proteins in donors. The procedures were performed with the Fresenius AS104 equipment, with an average duration of one hour and forty six minutes, processing 5758mL of whole blood and harvest average of 3133mL of plasma. There were no significant variations in globular volume after the automated plasmapheresis. The recovery of plasma total proteins was 91.4% at 96 hours after the procedure. The automated plasmapheresis appeared viable for the equine species, decreasing the time of hematimetric level recovery in donors.

equine; plasmapherese; hematimetric levels

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