Laryngeal Rhabdomyosarcoma in a dog: case report

Rabdomiossarcoma na laringe em cão: relato de caso

F.G.G. Dias P.P. Cintra S.G. Calazans A.T. Jorge L.F. Pereira L.G.G.G. Dias M.B. Olivio G.M. Magalhães About the authors


The larynx is part of the upper respiratory tract and is responsible for phonation. It allows air to pass between the pharynx and the trachea, but prevents food from entering the airways. Laryngeal neoplasms, including rhabdomyosarcomas, are uncommon in dogs. However, these tumors can trigger numerous progressive clinical signs related to respiratory difficulty and altered phonation. The diagnosis of laryngeal cancer should be made based on the history and symptoms of the patient, combined with complementary tests. The treatment of choice is surgical excision, combined or not with chemotherapy. In view of the low incidence of laryngeal cancer, the objective of the present work was to describe a case of laryngeal rhabdomyosarcoma detected during necropsy of an adult dog and diagnosed by histopathology, in addition to raising awareness about the importance of the diagnosis and early therapy for the quality of life and survival of affected patients. The results showed that the location of the tumor impaired its early diagnosis. Although malignant, the animal did not develop metastases as has been described in the literature.

oncology; small animals; rhabdomyosarcoma; respiratory system

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