Study of the genetic divergence among swine breeds by techniques of multivariate analysis

Performance and genetic divergence among Duroc, Landrace and Large White breeds, using multivariate techniques were studied. Birth litter size, weaning litter size, birth litter weight, weaning litter weight, average weight gain from birth to weaning and mortality rate from birth to weaning were included in the study. Breed performance was evaluated by multivariate analysis of variance and discriminant linear function of Fisher, using tests of Roy greatest root and Roy union-intersection for multiple comparison. The study of genetic divergence was made by means of canonical variable analyses. Landrace and Large White breeds presented, in general, better performance than Duroc breed in the studied traits, and the three breeds had similar birth litter size. Landrace and Large White breeds were genetically similar but had higher genetic divergence related to Duroc breed.

Swine; reproductive trait; genetic divergence; canonical variables; multivariate analysis of variance; discriminant function

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