Orthopedic exam differences in awake and anaesthetized dogs with medial patellar luxation

M.L. Figueiredo C.E.S. Silva T.H.T. Fernandes R. Chioratto E.A. Tudury About the authors

This study aimed to compare the osteoarticular and musculotendineal findings in dogs with medial patellar luxation by orthopedic examination performed with and without general anesthesia. For this we used 11 knees of 10 dogs without distinction of sex, age and race, which had medial patellar luxation in grades II, III and IV, diagnosed clinically. The specific orthopedic examination of the knee joint was performed prior to surgery with the non-anaesthetised dog, and on the day of surgery with the same patient already anesthetized. Regarding the osteoarticular results, no differences were found. In relation to the musculotendineal results, differences were observed between the assessments of the drawer movement and sartorius and rectum femoral muscle tension.

stifle; patella luxation; clinical examination; muscle-skeletal abnormalities

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