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Sialolithiasis in equine: case report


Sialolithiasis is a condition that affects the salivary glands or their ducts, characterized by the presence of calcified structures, called sialolites, with slow and gradual growth, usually asymptomatic, hindering or impeding the normal flow of saliva. Due to the absence of reports in the national literature, the case of a 15-year-old mare who had a 13cm sialolite in the parotid duct near the face ridge for more than 2 years is described. The diagnosis was made through clinical examination: with visualization and palpation of the sialolite, dental evaluation; and complementary exams: radiography and ultrasonography. We chose surgical treatment through percutaneous access, which is the most appropriate for large stones, and Stenon's duct suture was performed, without postoperative fistulas. The assessment and dental care during the procedure was extremely important, since the dental tips facilitate the formation of the stones.

sialolite; horse; parotid gland; duct of stenon

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