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Brucella abortus infection in an officially brucellosis-free bovine herd in Minas Gerais state - Brazil: a case report

A Brucellosis outbreak is reported in a bovine herd free from the disease for over 18 years, officially free since 2006. One heifer and one cow tested positive in serological tests for the 2008 annual recertification in a herd of almost 1000 animals. Isolation and identification by biochemical tests and molecular biology (AMOS PCR) confirmed the infection by a Brucella abortus biovar 1 field strain. It wasn't possible to find the source of the infection. However, adoption of standard procedures prescribed by the Brazilian National Brucellosis and Tuberculosis Control and Eradication Program hindered the spread of the disease. This is the first report of a Brucella infection in an officially Brucellosis-free bovine herd in Brazil.

brucellosis; bovine; free herd; isolation

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