Molecular detection and clinical aspects of porcine circovirus 3 infection in pigs from Brazil

[Detecção molecular e aspectos clínicos da infecção por circovírus suíno 3 em suínos do Brasil]

A.C.M. Cruz I.L.F. Rodrigues A.E. Souza F.B. Knackfuss R.L. Silveira T.X. Castro About the authors


Porcine circovirus 3 (PCV-3) DNA has been detected in serum samples from apparently healthy pigs as well as pigs with different clinical conditions. Molecular detection of PCV-3 was observed in swine serum samples from Southeastern - Brazil using a nested PCR designed specifically for this study. The epidemiology and clinical aspects of PCV-3 infection were evaluated. The samples originated from 154 pigs of both genders from different production phases and with different clinical presentations, sampled from 31 pig farms visited between 2013 and 2018. In this study, PCV-3 was detected in 26.7% of samples from all populations across varying ages. Statistical association (P=0.0285) was observed only between animals with respiratory signs and PCV-3; no PCV-3-positive animal had diarrhea. No statistical association was observed between PCV-3 and age, or gender of the pigs. Because PCV-3 is a newly discovered virus, there is very little information about its epidemiology. We hope that these data can help in future studies investigating PCV-3 epidemiology.

porcine circovirus; serum sample; nested PCR; swine

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