Economic-financial analysis of cow-calf systems: multiple case studies

F.Z. Garcia C.A.B. Carvalho A.A.C. Peres P. Malafaia P.M. Souza About the authors


Many farms located in milk-producing regions in Brazil have turned from dairy to beef production systems. These business migrations have been done with no particular care or any use of technical assistance. In this study, we aimed to evaluate the economics aspects, such as viability and risk assessment of different cow-calf systems established in those regions. The work consisted of a multiple case study using three farms. The economic horizon lasted 36 months, with data collection obtained in periodic visits, using a pre-designed survey. Net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR) on investment were estimated. Further analysis of sensitivity was made for these indicators. All cow-calf systems were economically viable with positive NPV, with a discount rate of 6.0% per year. The economic viability of the cow-calf systems was more sensitive to investments in land and animals - sires and cows). The assessment of risks in these cow-calf systems showed them to be low, despite the possibility of changes in the market. The cow-calf systems, when submitted to technical assistance, may be an attractive option of investment compared to investing in saving account.

cow-calf system; economic analysis; net present value

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