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Biochemical (albumin and vitamin D-binding protein) and molecular (KIT gene) tests for detection of genetic markers for Tobiano coat color in Pampa and Paint horses

In this study, 159 Pampa horses, registered at the Associação Brasileira dos Criadores de Cavalo Pampa, and a control group of 32 Paint horses, both coming from herds located in different Brazilian regions, were used to compare biochemical and molecular tests for detection of genetic markers for the Tobiano coat color pattern in Pampa horses. Difference (P<0.001) between biochemical and molecular tess in Pampa horses was observed, but not for the Paint horses. The results showed that the molecular marker (KIT) was more efficient to identify the probable homozygous dominant horses than the biochemical markers albumin (Al) and vitamin D-binding Protein (Gc), in both breeds.

equine; albumin; vitamin D-biding protein (Gc); KIT gene

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