Development of dairy calves fed silage transition milk: II - Internal organs

This study aimed to evaluate the absolute and relative size of internal organs of Holstein calves which suckled milk, silage transition milk diluted with water or mixed in milk. We used 18 male animals, 60 days old with a mean body weight of 70.3kg (± 11.8kg). The experimental design was completely randomized with three treatments and six replications. The animals were slaughtered at two months, and previously fasted for 16 hours. Breast feeding changed the weights of internal organs and omental fat of animals, except for kidney and mesenteric fat, and did not affect food intake solids. The silage transition milk diluted in water compromised the performance of the calves, reflecting on the weight of internal organs and omental fat, and showed absolute weights for liver, spleen and omental fat of 1072, 186 and 133g, respectively. The silage mixed with milk yielded results more similar to the exclusive milk supply, being an option for suckling calves.

calf; fat; fermentation; metabolism; milk; milk replacer

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