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Effects of ozone in equine jejunum reperfusion injury

This study was designed to investigate the effects of ozone on attenuating jejunum reperfusion injury in horses. Vascular obstruction(2h)/reperfusion(12h) was induced and the animals received the following protocols: not treated (n=7, 500ml saline solution) or treated with ozone (n=6, 50µ Intestinal samples were histomorphologically examined at 0, 1, 2h (obstructive) and 1, 2, 12h (reperfusion phase). The following scores were significantly attenuated: mucosal region- epithelial loss, neutrophil infiltration and hemorrhage; submucosal region- neutrophil infiltration and edema. These effects may be related to the antioxidant enzyme modulation, or ozone biochemical properties, which interfered with biochemical steps of reperfusion injury. The results indicate an alternative for the treatment of equine acute abdomen.

equine; ozone; reperfusion; jejunum

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