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Follicular dynamics of lactating Toggenburg does treated with recombinant bovine somatotropin

The effect of the r-bST injection was evaluated on the goats estrous cycles. Twenty-four Toggenburg does were used in two treatments: T1 (n=12) treated with r-bST; and T2 (n=12) treated with saline solution (control). After the first r-bST injection, the estrous cycles were checked between two estrus. The estrous cycle length and interovulatory period of the goats did not differ between treatments (P>0.05). Estrous cycles with two, three and four waves of follicular growth were observed. The number of waves during the estrous cycle were not affected by the r-bST treatment (P>0.05). The number of 3mm follicles was different between T1 and T2 (P<0.05) for estrous cycles with two (15.3±1.2 x 8.1±2.0), three (12.2±0.8 x 8.3±1.9) or four (12.7±1.7 x 8.8±2.5) waves. The dominant follicle of the second wave was smaller (P<0.05) than the one of the first and third waves and smaller than the one of the ovulatory wave. The progesterone concentration during the estrous cycle of the animals did not differ (P>0.05) between treatments. The r-bST did not affect the ovarian response during the estrous cycle. The r-bST not affected the follicular dynamic of Toggenburg lactating does, but increased the number of emerging follicles >3mm during the estrous cycle.

goats; follicular growth; dominant follicle; follicular waves; progesterone

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