Influence of the whey protein concentrate on the composition of low fat hard requeijão

The objective of the present work was to elaborate a new technology for production of hard requeijão with reduced fat content using whey protein concentrate as a fat substitute, as well as to evaluate the physico-chemical characteristics of this new product. The requeijão was manufactured from three treatments with different levels of the concentrate, that is, 0.2, 1.0 and 2.0%, and a control group (regular fat content). The samples were analyzed in the first week of manufacture for pH, acidity (% of lactic acid), moisture content (g/100 g), fat content (g/100 g), protein content (g/100 g) and ashes (g/100 g). Only the fat content presented significant statistical difference between the control group and the other treatments (P<0,05).

Requeijão; reduced fat; whey protein concentrate

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