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Retrospective analysis of the factors associated to the distribution of bovine tuberculosis in the State of Rio de Janeiro

The factors associated to the occurrence of bovine tuberculosis (TB) in 209 farms were evaluated by variance analysis. Data came were colleted in an epidemiological investigation from herds in the State of Rio de Janeiro, examined from 1959 to 1989. The significant variables were analyzed and submitted to generalized linear model. The prevalence rate of TB in herds was 49.8%. The most important variations detected in this study for occurrence of TB were: sucking (P=0.03) and interactions density vs. sucking system (P=0.04) and productivity vs. sucking period (P=0.02). The influence of the economical aspects of the farming systems on the occurrence of TB was confirmed by the results of this study. This is an important factor due to human and animal health hazards.

bovine; tuberculosis; epidemiology; risk factors

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