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Use of propofol in the induction of anesthesia in agouti (Dasyprocta sp.)

W.P. Leite R.A. Barrêto Júnior G.F. Queiroz V.V. Paula About the authors

The endovenous use of propofol as inductor agent of anesthesia in agouti (Dasyprocta sp.) was evaluated using ten adut females, weighing 1.5 to 2.0kg, kept in captivity. Heart and respiratory rates, rectal temperature, and systolic arterial blood pressure were measured before and after anesthesia. Time of anesthesia and time of recovering of the anesthesia were also measured. The averages of the heart and respiratory rates, rectal temperature and the systolic blood pressure were 220bpm, 92mpm, 38.95ºC, and 110Hgmm, respectively. After the induction, the averages obtained for those variables were of 214bpm, 84mpm, 39.05ºC, and 80mmHg, respectively. The averages of the time of anesthesia and time of its recovery were 10min 45sec and 15min 40sec, respectively. Propofol when used in only one dose, was considered safe, since it did not disturbe the physiological parameters. Thus, propofol can be considered an alternative drug for anesthesia induction in agouti.

rodent; Dasyprocta sp.; propofol; intravenous anesthesia

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