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Incidence of two cases of polyuria-polydipsia in confined horses

Two four-year-old male Brasileiro de Hipismo breed horses presenting signs of polyuria-polydipsia, were submitted to a complete clinical evaluation as well as having blood and urine samples collected for laboratory analysis. No clinical, hematological or biochemical abnormalities were observed, but a significant decrease in urine specific gravity was detected in both horses. One of the horses presented 1,009 and the other 1,008. A 24-hour water deprivation test was carried out and, during this period, the urine specific gravity gradually increased reaching the normal values of 1,028 and 1,026. The abnormal behavior occured as a consequence of an excessive confinement. The clinical and laboratory results associated to the 24-hour water deprivation test indicated a diagnosis of psychogenic polydipsia.

Horse; poliuria-polydipsia; psychogenic polydipsia

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