Effects of different oral electrolyte solutions on the glycemia and water, electrolyte, and acid-base balances of healthy neonatal calves

G.C. Bregadioli F.C. Pinto J.M. Curti S.L.O. Camilo K.K.M.C. Flaiban J.A.N. Lisbôa About the authors


This work aimed to study the effects of four commercially available oral electrolyte solutions (OES), of a non-commercial OES (OES UEL), and of the lactated Ringer’s solution (LRS) administered orally, on the glycemia and water, electrolyte, and acid base balance of healthy neonatal calves. Six calves were used, all of them received the six OES, one at a time, and each treatment was performed within one day. Venous blood samples were taken, in different moments in the treatment day, for determination of total plasma protein, glycemia and blood gas analysis. Values of SID3 and plasma volume variation were calculated. Repeated measures ANOVA was used for comparison between moments and solutions. The OES studied did not induced changes of high or prolonged magnitude in the water, electrolyte, and acid base balances of the calvesIn conclusion, all OES, with the exception to OES A, led to expansion of the plasma volume. The OES B and C had an alkalizing effect while D affected glycemia and LRS increased chloremia. The OES UEL did not produce any marked effect, besides the expansion of plasma volume.

enteral hydration; cattle; fluid therapy

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