Selection response for performance and morphometrics traits of Nile tilapia along the culture period

G.M. Yoshida C.A.L. Oliveira N.M. Kunita S.N. Oliveira L. Alexandre Filho E.K. Resende N.M. Lopera-Barrero R.P. Ribeiro About the authors

The objective of this work was to study the selection response for performance and morphometrics traits in Nile tilapias (Oreochromis niloticus) in different measurements of farming. The one-trait analysis was performed for all traits studied and the two-traits analysis, were associated with the daily total weight gain in four measurement among performance and morphometrics traits in the fourth measurement. The heritabilities estimated for live weight, height and head length were higher in one-trait analysis than two-traits analysis. The genetic correlations, phenotypic, Pearson and Spearman among weight gain and all other measurements were higher along the farming. The indirect response was estimated at over 87% of direct response, which indicates that the selection may be performed early, using the daily total weight gain as selection criteria in intermediate measurement, without significant losses in genetic gain and contributing to reduction of cost production.

fish; heritability; genetic correlation; genetic gain

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