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Effects of trans surgical fluid therapy over the post surgical packed cell volume in bitches undergoing elective ovariohisterectomy


Despite the beneficial goals of fluid therapy administered during surgery, volume overload can cause deleterious effects, such as alterations on hematimetric parameters. Thus, the objective of this paper was to evaluate two different cristaloid infusion rates during the surgical period and its effects on the 24-hour post-surgical period. Two groups of six animals each were used in the present study, one received 10mL/kg/h (G10) of 0,9% sodium chloride solution and the other 5mL/kg/h (G5) of the same solution. Packed cell volume (PCV) was evaluated in 10 different times during the 24 hours following surgery. The results did not show significant differences between groups, but they showed a major tendency of hemodilution in G10. A significant decrease of PCV was observed after induction of anesthesia. Decrease of PCV after the end of surgery in both groups was also observed, and the return to PCV basal values was observed 12 hours after the procedure in G10 and after eight hours in G5, showing a tendency of prolonged hemodilution in G10.

fluid; anesthesia; neutering; hemathology; hemodilution

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