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Intake, digestibility and nitrogen balance in sheep fed with diets containing Crambe cake


The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of using crambe cake in diets for sheep on intake and digestibility. The experimental design was a 4x4 Latin square with four animals, four periods and four treatments. The treatments were diets with 30% sorghum silage and 70% crambe cake (30:70) and a diet with 70% sorghum silage and 30% crambe cake (70:30) in lambs under the voluntary and controlled intake. The animals who fed a diet with a 30:70 ratio consumed more dry matter (DM), crude protein (CP), ether extract (EE) per kg/day, %BW/day and g/kgPV0,75. The ration provided higher digestibility of DM and NDF. The animals in the voluntary regime presented higher consumption of DM, CP, EE per kg/day, %BW/day and g/kgPV0,75. The cake crambe presented digestibility coefficient higher than sorghum silage, regardless of the regime intake. The 30:70 ration presented a difference in N intake and N absorbed. The cake crambe has high nutrient digestibility and acceptance by animals when associated with sorghum silage.

Crambe abyssinica; Agribusiness; alternative food; nutritional value

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