Genetic diversity of Colossoma macropomum broodstocks

T.S. Lopes D.P. Streit Jr. R.P. Ribeiro J.A. Povh N.M. Lopera-Barrero L. Vargas C. Pinto Filho J.R. Queiroz About the authors

The genetic diversity of tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum) broodstocks from two hatchery station in Rondônia State was studied by the RAPD marker. Ten primers were used to analyze 30 broodstocks samples from the hatchery stations of Boa Esperança and Vale Verde. The polymorphic fragments percentage and Shannon genetic diversity index were high in the two broodstocks. The Boa Esperança broodstock presented an exclusive fragment. The genetic differentiation was low and the number of migrants per generation was high among the broodstocks. The dendrogram did not separate the broodstocks individuals in different groups. The results indicate a high genetic variability in the broodstocks, being a little bit lower in the Vale Verde broodstock. Besides, there is a genetic proximity among the broodstocks.

tambaqui; Colossoma macropomum; RAPD; genetic variability; genetic monitoring

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