Effects of different sources and levels of selenium supplementation on milk yield and composition and selenium blood concentration in lactating cows

The effects of the dietary supplementation with selenium were evaluated on the concentration of the mineral in blood and milk, as well as changes in milk yield, physical and chemical characteristics, and somatic cells count (SCC). The trial lasted 63 days, the first 21 were designed to adaptation of animals to experimental conditions and standard diet. Thirty-two lactating Jersey cows were used and, at the beginning of the trial, they presented body weight of 402.5+58.4kg, body condition score of 3.19+0.31, milk yield of 10.4+2.1kg/day, and 141.4+69.3 days in milking. Treatments were: control (standard diet without added selenium), inorganic selenium (standard diet + 0.3mg sodium selenite/kg concentrate - SI0.3), organic selenium 0.3 (standard diet + 0.3mg selenomethionine/kg concentrate - SO0.3), and organic selenium 0.6 (standard diet + 0.6mg selenomethionine/kg concentrate - SO0.6). Total daily amounts of selenium were 2.38, 4.18, 4.18, and 5.98mg/cow, respectively, for control, SI0.3, SO0.3, and SO0.6 treatments. The trial was conducted as a completely randomized design. The number of days in milking and the values for all attributes measured at the end of the adaptation period were used as covariates. Measurements of body weight and condition score, milk yield and composition, and blood composition were performed on days 0, 14, 28, and 42 of the experimental period. No differences were detected among treatments for milk yield and composition, body weight and condition score, physical-chemical characteristics of milk, somatic cells count, and biochemical profile of the blood, except for Se contents of blood of control compared to supplemented. There were no differences caused by selenium sources or levels. Selenium supplementation did not alter neither milk nor blood components.

dairy cow; yeast; selenomethionine; sodium selenite

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