Hemangiosarcoma of the nictitant membrane in a Brazilian Fila dog: case report

Hemangiosarcoma em membrana nictitante de cão da ração Fila Brasileiro: relato de caso

J.L. Laus J.P.D. Ortiz F.L.C. Brito C.B.S. Lisbão V.A. Silva Júnior F.C.L. Maia About the authors

It was reported a case of a 9-year-old Brazilian Fila male dog that had been affected by a tissular formation of the nictitant membrane of the right eye with four months of evolution. Conjunctival hyperemia and edema, serosanguinolent secretion, and a conjunctival neoformation at the nictitant membrane were observed. Surgical exeresis of the neoformation was performed. Endothelial cells slightly differentiated and pleomorphic, with an intense vascular neoformation compatible to nictitant membrane hemangiosarcoma, were found at the histological exam.

dog; hemangiosarcoma; nictitant membrane

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