Decreasing levels of protein in diets supplemented with enzymatic complex for growing rabbits. 2. Digestive traits and caecal content composition

The effects of decreasing levels of crude protein (CP) and enzymatic supplementation on digestive traits and caecal content composition of growing rabbits were studied. In a completely randomized design 54 weaned New Zealand White rabbits were divided in four groups of 11 rabbits each and one group of 10 rabbits. The treatment groups fed on diets with 17, 16, 15 or 14% of CP supplemented with 0.05% of enzymatic complex (Vegpro<FONT FACE="Symbol">â</FONT>) with cellulase and protease activities. The control group fed a diet with 17% of CP without the enzymatic complex. The weigth of the full digestive tract, full and empty caecum, and caecum content were affected (P<0.05) by the CP level of the diet. Organic matter percentage, ammonia nitrogen percentage, and molar proportion of acetic and propionic acid in the caecum content were affected by CP level of the diet (P<0.05). The redution of CP level of the diet up to 14% did not show negative effects on evaluated traits.

Rabbit; enzyme; protein; digestive tract; caecum content

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