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Growth of Santa Inês lambs until weaning and relationship between biometric measurements and body weight, when raised in the Amazonia climate

This study aimed to 1) describe the biometric measurements of Santa Inês lambs until weaning, when raised in the Amazonia conditions; 2) establish the relationship between age and body measurements; and 3) correlate these biometric measurements to body weight. 75 animals submitted to semi-intensive breeding were used, and underwent measurements of body weight (BW), body length (BL), height of the forelimb (HF) and hindlimb (HH), thoracic perimeter (TP), width of rump (WR) and chest (WC), length of leg (LL), perimeter of leg (PL) and more body compacity (COMP), at birth and at 15, 30, 45 and 60 days of age. As a result, the WR and PL measurements demonstrated regressions with R2 below 0.70 in relation to age of lambs. All biometrical measurements used in this study individually demonstrated positive r with body weight. Biometric variables that compose the equation for predicting weight of lambs used in this study were BL, HH, TP, WR and PL. It was concluded that the age of lambs can be used as a predictor of weight and some body biometric measurements. The weight can also be estimated by some biometric measurements.

sheep; productivity; body measurements; prediction

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