Reproductive efficiency of adult and prepubertal goats subjected to repeated follicular aspiration

Eficiência reprodutiva em cabras adultas e pré-púberes após repetidas sessões de aspiração folicular

M.F. Cordeiro P.P.M. Teixeira M.E.F. Oliveira P.A. Di Filippo D.P.M. Dias C.A.G. Beretta R.G.S. Dória M.A.R. Feliciano L.N. Coutinho W.R.R. Vicente About the authors

The objective of this study was to assess the reproductive response of adult and prepubertal goats subjected to repeated laparoscopic ovum pick-up (LOPU). The study animals were divided into two groups, specifically, adult nanny goats (GA, n=10) and prepubertal nanny goats (GP, n=10), which were subjected to estrous synchronization and ovarian stimulation for LOPU. Both groups underwent six LOPU procedures at seven-day intervals and were subsequently subjected to controlled mating and pregnancy diagnosis to evaluate their future fertility. The study showed a reduction in the number of follicles visualized and in the amount and quality of the oocytes that were recovered and exposed to in vitro maturation. As indicated by the fertility test, however, no complications were found during the laparoscopic procedures that would impair the reproductive future of the animals. Therefore, a viable number of oocytes were obtained even with the decreased reproductive efficiency, proving that repeated LOPUs do not interfere with the reproductive of adult and prepubertal nanny goats. These results indicate a positive aspect of this procedure, allowing for increasing reproductive performance of this kind, when used for the production in vitro.

goat; laparoscopy; follicular puncture; oocyte recovery

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