Crambe meal in finishing of beef cattle in feedlot

B.P.C. Mendonça R.P. Lana E. Detmann R.H.T.B. Goes T.R. Castro About the authors

Five Nellore steers with average initial weight of 335±12kg were kept in individual pens for determining consumption and digestibility and 40 steers with average body weight of 345 ± 14kg were kept in collective pens for performance assessment. The final diet was 82% of concentrate and 18.2% of sorghum silage on dry matter basis and the levels of inclusion of crambe pie were 0 (control), 5, 10, 15 and 20%. The concentrate ingredients were ground sorghum, soy hulls, whole cottonseed, soybean crop residue, crambe pie and protein + mineral nucleus. There was a decreasing linear effect of level of inclusion of crambe pie on the body weight, increasing linear effect on consumption of ether extract and cubic effect on consumption of neutral detergent fiber corrected for ashes and protein (NDFap), in which the highest value was observed in the control diet and the smallest in the diet containing 20% of crambe. The consumptions of DM, CP, urea, CP of urea and NFCap, as well as the digestibility and weight gain were not affected by treatments. It can be concluded that crambe meal can be utilized up to 20% of inclusion in dry matter in beef cattle diets in feedlot.

beef cattle; high grain; levels of replacement; Nellore; performance; protein concentrate

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