Effects of the yeast cell wall in a moist diet in fecal microbial, gas production and intestinal morphology of adult cats

The aim of this study is to evaluate the effects of yeast extract (EPL) in the moist diet on the fecal microbiotal, gas production and intestinal morphology of adult cats. Twenty adult cats from both sexes were randomly assigned to four treatments: 1) moist commercial diet (control); 2) control + 0,2% yeast extract dry matter; 3) control + 0,4%; and 4) control + 0,6%. Fecal microbiology and intestinal morphology were performed by radiographic, ultrasound, colonoscopy and intestinal biopsy exams for histology. There were no significant differences (P>0,05) for lactic acid bacteria counts and clostridium-reductor, gas area in the bowel (radiographic), wall thickness of the colon (ultrasound) and colonocytes count/globet cells (histology). Through colonoscopy, changes in characteristics of the intestinal mucosa in animals receiving treatment 4 were noticed. It is concluded that the addition of up to 0.6% EPL had no effect on the parameters evaluated, but further studies are needed to understand the action mechanisms and additive effects for domestic cats.

feline; intestinal mucosa; lactobacillus; clostridium; image diagnosis

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