Effect of sealing on the feed out face of trench silos on the performance of confined calves

[Efeito da vedação na porção inicial de silos trincheiras sobre o desempenho de novilhos confinados]

M. Neumann F.B. Cristo G.B. Pontarolo A.M. Souza M.P. Machado R.S. Oliveira T.F. Gavlak A.D. Manchur About the authors


This study aimed to evaluate the productive performance, dry matter intake, apparent digestibility and ingestive behavior of feedlot calves fed corn silage from the feed out face of trench silos with different types of sealing. The animals were divided into three treatments with four repetitions: Conventional seal - double-sided polyethylene of 110µm thickness; Double-sided seal - double-sided polyethylene of 200µm thickness; and Double seal - composed of double face polyethylene with a thickness of 80µm superimposed on a polyamide translucent vacuum film with a thickness of 20µm. The use of double face sealing provided 12.63% increase in average daily gain and improved food conversion by 0.62 percentage points. The apparent digestibility of the diet with double-face sealing system silage was 4.30% higher than the diet with double-face sealing silage and 11.00% higher than the diet with conventional sealing silage. It is recommended to use the double face sealing with 200µm polyethylene and double face sealing with 80µm thick polyethylene on top of a 20µm thick polyamide translucent vacuum film.

ingestive behavior; plastic film; feed efficiency; weight gain; polyethylene

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