Haematological reference for red-browed parrot ( Amazona rhodocorytha , Salvadori, 1890) captive in the Atlantic Forest in Eastern Brazil

Parâmetros hematológicos de papagaios-chauá (Amazona rhodocorytha, Salvatori 1890) em cativeiro

R.H. Mello R.F. Martins D.A. Bonissi J.L.B. Júnior T. Melotti H. Bianchi M.A.F. Bianchi About the authors


To conduct the survey were used 35 (thirty-five) red-browned parrots (A. rhodocorytha), adults, captive, of both genders and clinically healthy, belonging to the live collection of the Museum of Biology Teacher Mello Leitao, located in Santa Teresa, Espírito Santo, Brazil. Harvests were performed in the morning, by puncture of the brachial vein getting 0.5mL of blood stored in EDTA for a period no longer than 6 hours. Blood smears of fresh material were made at collection, stained using the method of May-Grunwald-Giemsa. Analysis of blood elements was done by cell counting in a mirrored Neubauer chamber using Natt and Herrick solution at a ratio of 2:200 as diluent. For the analysis of the methodology, homoglobinometry cyanide hemoglobin using commercial kits by colorimetry on a semi-automatic biochemical analyzer was used. After completion of the statistical data the following parameters were obtained (mean±standard deviation): Erythrocytes (x106/μl): 2.68±0.56; Hemoglobin (g/dl): 14.27±0.69; Hematocrit (%): 53±3.38; Mean corpuscular volume (fl): 206.7±45.82; Mean corpuscular hemoglobin (pg): 56.4±14.46; Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (%): 27.5±1.19; Thrombocytes (x3/μl): 25.8 ± 10.5; Total plasma protein (g/dl) 5.4±0.5; Leukocytes (x103/dl): 3.1±2; Heterophile (/uL): 1937±1676; Lymphocytes (/uL): 1144±599; Monocytes (/uL): 24.4 ± 28.2; Basophils (/uL): 42.2±46.2; Eosinophils (/uL): 11.7±19.9. In the relation between males and females, no significant differences were found in any hematological parameter evaluated.

wild birds; hematology; blood count; parrots; clinical pathology

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