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Surgical techniques for obstructive urolithiasis in small ruminants: cases reports

R. G. S. Dória P.A. Canola D.P.M. Dias R.N. Pereira C.A.A. Valadão About the authors

Two cases in wich the penectomy and perineal penile transposition were the surgical technique of choice, technique of choice were described showing 50% of success. There are also reported four cases in wich cystotomy followed by cystostomy showed 100% of success, one case in wich the cystotomy alone was unsuccessfully, one case in wich only the clinical treatment was efficient and two cases showing 100% of unsuccessful despite of the surgical technique used due to the advanced stage of azotemy and toxemic shock of the animals. This article presents a study of urolithiasis in goats and sheep, from 2003 to 2005, aiming to describe the causes and the consequences of the therapeutic procedures followed.

goat; sheep; urolithiasis; surgery

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