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Kinematic and spermatic recovery after selection by centrifugation in colloid solutions of ovine cryopreserved semen

Cinética e recuperação espermática após seleção por centrifugação em soluções coloidais de sêmen ovino criopreservado


Frozen and thawed ovine semen undergo morphological and functional changes that prevent or decrease the efficiency of fertilization. Sperm selection methods seek to improve the quality and viability of the fertilizing materials. Four sperm selection methods were employed, using two silica colloidal solutions coated with silane (silica colloidal-silane) or by polyvinylpyrrolidone (silica colloidal-PVP), and varying the volume of colloidal solution. Sperm kinematic and sperm recovery were evaluated by means of CASA. The protocols using silica colloidal-silane showed higher total motility (TM), progressive motility (PM) and percentage of rapid sperm (%RAP) compared to the methods employing silica colloidal-PVP and to the samples prior to sperm selection. The silica colloidal-PVP had greater sperm recovery compared to the silica colloidal-silane. Only the method using 4mL of silica colloidal-PVP was not efficient in selecting samples with better quality compared to the samples analyzed prior to sperm selection. The methods using lower volumes of colloidal solution did not differ from those using higher volumes and the best results were shown by the method with 1mL silica colloidal-silane. The results found in the study indicated greater efficiency of the silica colloidal-silane solution for sperm selection of thawed ovine semen when compared to selection using silica colloidal-PVP. The method using 1mL of silica colloidal-silane was equally efficient to the method with higher volume, presenting itself as an alternative to process samples with lower sperm concentration.

ovine; semen; silane; selection; colloidal silica

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