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Use of Citrus lemon eyedrops in corneal ulcers induced in rabbits

The aim of this study was to clinically evaluate and compare the effects of Citrus lemon (CL) eye drops in the repair of superficial corneal ulcers. Fifty female rabbits were used, constituting five experimental groups with 10 animals each. After ulcer induction, three groups were treated with CL eye drops, at 1.5% (GL1, 5), 3% (GL3) and 5% (GL5) concentrations. Another group was treated with Tween 80 8% solvent used in the production of CL eye drops, and the control group received tear substitute. The experimental groups were divided into two subgroups (five animals). The first (M1) was evaluated after 24 hours and the second (M5) after five days. There was no difference between treatments for clinical signs of secretion, conjunctival hyperemia, chemosis and corneal opacity. The extension of corneal ulcer significantly decreased in all groups in M5, the exception was GL3, which had a lower median of extension in the M1. The eye drops made of Citrus lemon essential oil can be used in the treatment of superficial ulcerative keratitis, without inducing conjunctival irritation, favoring corneal reepithelialization.

rabbit; sicilian lemon; ulcerative keratitis; Rutaceae

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