Partial lateral corpectomy associated with pediculectomy to treat extradural chondroma in a dog: technique description

Corpectomia lateral parcial associada à pediculectomia no tratamento de condroma extradural em um cão: descrição da técnica

P.V.T. Marinho C.C. Zani P.C. Jark B.W. Minto M.T. Costa About the authors

This study aimed to describe in detail the surgical technique of partial lateral corpectomy (PLC) associated with pediculectomy to treat an in vitro extradural chondroma. A 12-year old female Cocker Spaniel was seen in the hospital with proprioceptive ataxia of hind limbs associated with extradural compression between the 1st and 2nd lumbar vertebrae. The owner opted for euthanasia since the patient's condition changed due to simultaneous illnesses that culminated in a poor prognosis. The patient's body was formally ceded to perform experimental spinal decompression. The technique was effective to completely remove the epidural mass with minimal manipulation of the spinal cord.

dog; cord compression; extradural spinal tumors; neurosurgery

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