Infection occurrence of Campylobacter fetus subsp . venerealis and Tritrichomonas foetus in buffaloes in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil

J.M. Borges L.B.F. Soares B.P. Silva A.A. Macedo J.M.B. Oliveira J.W. Pinheiro JúniorAbout the authors


The objective this study was to determine the occurrence of infection with Campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis and Tritrichomonas foetus in buffaloes in the State of Pernambuco, Brazil. Biological samples were collected (cervico vaginal mucus and shaved prepucial) of 113 animals, coming from 8 properties in different regions of the state. The biological material collected was transferred into phosphate buffered saline (PBS) and inoculated in the specific transport, Lander for diagnosis of C. fetus subsp. venerealis and Diamond for T. fetus subsequently. For the diagnosis of infection by Campylobacter fetus subsp. venrealis and Tritrichomonas foetus the samples were submitted to Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) grown in Columbia agar plus antibiotics and Diamond, respectively. There was an occurrence of 1.8% (2/113) of positive animals in the microbiological examination with confirmation by PCR, for C. fetus subsp. venerealis. We observed that 100% of positive samples were from two (2) males from the same herd. No animals were positive for T. foetus. This is the first report of infection with C. fetus subsp. venerealis in buffaloes in Brazil. Despite rare occurrence, control measures are recommended in order to prevent the spread of the agent to other herds.

Bubalus bubalis; bovine genital campylobacteriosis; bovina genital

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