The effect of the thawing temperature on the integrity of canine cryopreserved sperm

C.S. Moura A.K.S. Nunes B.S. Silva C.A. Peixoto A.R. Silva S.V. Silva M.M.P. Guerra About the authors

Aiming to evaluate the influence of the thawing temperature on the viability of canine cryopreserved sperm, Basset Hound (n=3) and Rottweiler (n=3) dogs were used, submitted to semen collected through manual manipulation. Semen samples were thawed at 37ºC during 1min (G1) or at 70ºC during 6s (G2), and evaluated for progressive motility, vigor and acrosome integrity, after 0, 30 e 60 minutes of incubation (37ºC), and sperm ultrastructure immediately after thawing. In all incubation times, the average of progressive motility was higher (P<0.05) in samples from G2 Group (74.6%) than from G1 (64.6%). Sperm vigor had no difference (P>0.05) between groups, and the percentage of gametes with intact acrosome was higher (P<0.05) on sperm cells from G1 than from G2. Ultrastructural changes were identified on dog sperm from both groups, and were observed in higher quantity in gametes from G2 Group. It can be concluded that samples of frozen dog sperm must be thawed at 37°C for 1min.

canine; cryopreservation; sperm damage; ultrastructure

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