Species of Spalangia (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae: Spalangiane) as parasitoid pupa of muscoid dipterous insects in cattle feces in Goiás State, Brazil

Species of parasitoids of dung-breeding Diptera were collected at a range pasture in Itumbiara, GO, Brazil. The samples of bovine dung, approximately seven and eight day-old, were collected and carried to the laboratory and the pupae were extracted by water flotation. The pupae were individually placed in transparent gelatin capsules until the emergence of the adult flies or their parasitoids. Spalangia drosophilae (40.8%) Ashmead and Spalangia nigroaenea (35.6%) were the predominant species that parasitized pupae of dipterous muscoids. The rate of parasitism was 3.8%.

Muscoid dipterous; fly; parasitoid; cattle; manure; Brazil

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