Central venous pressure in healthy newborn calves

With the aim of determining the central venous pressure (CVP) standard values, twenty-four healthy Holstein calves, aging 8-to-30 days and weighing from 37 to 50kg, were studied. To measure CVP, a specific intravenous catheter was inserted in the right atrium through the left jugular vein. The right atrium was the reference mark (zero) for the measurements, topographically in external correspondence to the scapulohumeral joint, when the animal was standing; and to the sternum region, when the animal was in right lateral recumbency. It was measured a mean CVP, in centimetres of H2O - 0.81±1.40 for animals in standing position, and 0.88±1.76 for animals in lateral recumbency - with no statistical difference between those values. The technique used for measuring CVP in calves was determined to be feasible and do not require sophisticated devices.

calves; central venous pressure; right atrium

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