Physical-chemical profile of the whey of minas-padrão and mozzarella cheeses produced in some regions of Minas Gerais state

The physical-chemical profile of the whey of mozzarella and minas-padrão cheeses was studied in four regions ("Alto São Francisco", "Zona Metalúrgica", "Zona da Mata" and "Sul de Minas") which produce milk and cheese in Minas Gerais. Due to the lack of a specific identity and a quality pattern for cheese whey, the results can be taken as a base to develop such patterns. The mean values found for mozzarella cheese whey were: - 0.565± 0.031ºH for freezing point; 6.19± 0.26 for pH; 13.16± 3.08ºD for titratable acidity; 6.33± 0.43g/100g for total solids; 93.67± 0.43g/100g for moisture; 0.77± 0.26g/100g for fat; 0.84± 0.04g/100g for protein; 4.42± 0.68g/100g for lactose; 0.47± 0.04 g/100g for ashes; 0.18± 0.01g/100g for chlorine and 1.0253± 0.0006 for density. In relation to minas-padrão cheese whey, the following mean results were obtained: - 0.555± 0.030ºH for freezing point; 6.30± 0.31 for pH; 12.48± 2.07ºD for titratable acidity; 6.28± 0.51g/100g for total solids; 93.97± 0.54 g/100g for moisture; 0.70± 0.21g/100g for fat; 0.80± 0.04g/100g for protein; 4.12± 0.36g/100g for lactose; 0.49± 0.03g/100g for ashes; 0.20± 0.01g/100g for chlorine and 1.0249± 0.0009 for density. No statistical difference between those types of whey was observed, but difference among wheys from regions for freezing point, total solids, moisture and density as well as interaction whey x regions for protein, titratable acidity, fat, and chorine were found. Only lactose and ash contents did not present any statistical difference.

cheese whey; mozzarella cheese; minas-padrão cheese; physical and chemical profile; Minas Gerais

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