Image-based red blood cell counter for multiple species of wild and domestic animals

Contador de células vermelhas baseado em imagens para múltiplas espécies de animais silvestres e domésticos

C.R.M. Mauricio F.K. Schneider R.K. Takahira L.C. Santos H.R. Gamba About the authors


RBC count plays an important role in animal diagnosis. Despite the many technologies available in different automated hematology analyzers, when it comes to the blood of wild animals it is still difficult to find an easy and affordable solution for multiple species. This study aims to evaluate the proposed automatic red blood cell counter. Blood samples (1 ocelot - Leopardus pardalis, 1 monkey - Cebus apella, 1 coati - Nasua nasua, 62 dogs - Canis familiaris, and 5 horses - Equus caballus) were analyzed using three methods: 1-manual count, 2-automatic count by image, and 3-semi-automatic count by image; blood from dogs and horses were also analyzed by a fourth method: 4-automatic count by impedance. The counts in methods 2 and 3 were produced by the proposed red blood cell counter. Results were compared using Pearson's correlation and plots with different methods as the criterion standard. RBC counts in methods 1, 2, and 3 correlated very well with those in the method 4 (r ≥ 0.94). RBC counts produced by method 2 were highly correlated with method 3 (r = 0.998). The results indicate that the proposed method can be used as an automatic or semi-automatic counting method in clinics that are currently using the manual method for RBC assessment.

automatic Image-based RBC counting; Cebus apella; Leopardus pardalis; Nasua nasua; Wild Animals

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