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Quail production as an alternative to improve income to small farmers

A.F. Silva S. Sgavioli C.H.F. Domingues R.G. Garcia About the authors


Quail production showed significant development in recent years due to technologies used in the production chain, generating satisfactory results for farmers with low cost of investment. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the economic feasibility of quail production implementation for small farmers. A total of 3,000 birds were used and divided in two groups (A1 and A2). The internal rate return was measured, as well as simple payback. The present liquid value for economic and financial analysis was discounted. Quail production is a potential alternative for income increase of small farmers, since the return on investment occurs in the second year. To start quail production, the acquisition of female quails at 35 days of age is more profitable compared to a one day old mixed batch. Thus, the alternative marketing strategy for the beginning of activity is the egg, due to the return on short-term investment.

agribusiness; economic analysis; economy; quail

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