Electrocautery technique for proximal tibial epiphysiodesis in Labrador retriever puppies: experimental study

Técnica de eletrocauterização para epifisiodese proximal da tíbia em cães filhotes da raça Labrador Retriever: estudo experimental

P.D. Brienza L.A.L. Muzzi A.C.C. Lacreta Jr E.G.L. Alves G.C. Guimarães R.A.L. Muzzi About the authors


There are few studies about the treatment options for cranial cruciate ligament rupture in growing dogs, especially with epiphysiodesis techniques. The aim of this study was to evaluate the electrocautery technique for proximal tibial epiphysiodesis in Labrador retriever puppies. The novel electrocautery technique was compared with the screw technique regarding the efficacy for tibial plateau leveling in growing dogs. Six healthy Labrador retriever puppies were divided into two groups. The screw technique was used in one group and the electrocautery technique was used in the other group. Both proximal tibial epiphysiodesis techniques for tibial plateau leveling were effective in achieving reduced tibial plateau angle and did not cause significant joint changes. The screw technique was more invasive and caused slightly greater morbidity than the electrocautery technique. The electrocautery technique seems to be a good alternative for proximal tibial epiphysiodesis in young dogs.

cranial cruciate ligament; tibial plateau; epiphysiodesis; stifle joint; physis

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